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General Questions

Real estate websites bring convenience to buyers and exposure to sellers. Buyers can view hundreds of property images, videos, and features before they ever need to schedule a live tour. Sellers who post their homes on these sites benefit for the same reason; hundreds or thousands of prospective buyers can view their home online without needing to walk through. 

Real estate websites populate their inventory of homes in a variety of ways. In some cases the input is manual. A realtor or property manager updates a home’s profile or a seller uploads pictures.

Most sites provide free services for the buyer or seller. The draw is to pull them in without barriers. However, some websites charge buyer or seller when a deal is done or if a user wants to get featured their property 

Question about selling

There’s no one answer to this question, as every property’s different and market conditions will also affect the price your property sells for. However, here are some important facts to help you get the best price for your property.

Firstly, everybody does their research on the internet these days. Buyers are well-informed and they’ll know what your property is worth — we call this “market value”.  

Research shows that if you set the asking price too high above market value buyers aren’t interested. They simply don’t believe it’s worth the price. Your property can end up on market longer and then people start wondering what’s wrong with it. They start focusing on the negatives and rumors can start.

When a property’s new to market, there’s a blast of initial buyer activity and lots of interest at inspections. This makes sense, as buyers are mainly on the lookout for new listings. It’s critical you have the right asking price during this initial selling period, because this is when you’re most likely to see competition between buyers which helps you get a higher sale price.

Your property will be marketed through both our online and offline methods.

Nowadays most buyers do their research on the internet. It’s a convenient tool that can be used anytime, anywhere. Buyers want plenty of good photos and detailed information about your property immediately available…so that’s what we give them.

We’ll use lots of high quality professional photos and a floor plan to visually attract buyers — they can start to imagine themselves and their furniture in your property. Words don’t cost online so we’ll use lots of detailed text to sell the great features of your property.

This’ll depend on market conditions and also the demand for your type of property at the time you’re selling. However, there are two important factors you can control that affect how quickly your property will sell:

Firstly you need to price your home correctly at fair market value. Buyers won’t come if you start your campaign with an unrealistic price, so your property will take longer to sell.

Secondly, select a good agent with a high quality marketing campaign to maximize the level of buyer interest and competition for your home. This will mean you start getting serious offers quickly.

Question about buying?

 If you don’t find a location where you want to post your listing, you may add it under the location: OTHERS. We will add your location within 24 Hrs and place your property under that location. However if you don’t find a city where you want to buy a property, you may request us by filling contact us page form.

Buying a home can be a very solid investment.  This being said, renting can also be a better option for some, depending on the circumstances. 

There are questions that you should ask yourself before deciding to buy a home.  One of the most important things to consider is the length you plan on staying in a home, if you were to purchase.  If the answer is only a few years, it’s likely the better decision is to continue renting.  Another question to ask yourself is whether you are ready to take on the additional “responsibilities” of owning a home.  When owning a home there will be general home maintenance that should be done, are you ready for that?


When you are going to buy property in Pakistan, you should also know very well the importance of location for the profitable investment. Location plays a vital role while determining the value of any property. The best real estate projects will always enjoy the location, which is easily accessible while enjoying the best surroundings.

You should also ask yourself that either the location where you are going to invest can earn your profits? Whether it is suitable for living and investment purposes or not?

These considerations are vital, and you can gather all the location details by visiting the place where you are going to buy a commercial or residential property. It should be located in the prime area with excellent road links, while the status of the area must be developed or developing.

The surroundings must be free of noise pollution and other kinds of pollutions as you cannot have a peaceful living in this way. All these factors profoundly influence your purpose and property value in the coming time. Make sure that the locality is close to all the necessary facilities of life as well as commercial interactions. All this will help you to make a sound and exceptional deal in the real estate market.

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